A Storms Never Last<title> </titleInfo> <name type="corporate" nameTitleGroup="1"> <namePart>Midnite Mist (Musical group)</namePart> </name> <name type="personal"> <namePart>Bryant, Bill "Joker"</namePart> </name> <typeOfResource>sound recording-musical</typeOfResource> <originInfo> <place> <placeTerm type="code" authority="marccountry">snc</placeTerm> </place> <place> <placeTerm type="text">Saskatoon, SK</placeTerm> </place> <publisher>Turtle Island Music</publisher> <dateIssued>2011</dateIssued> <issuance>monographic</issuance> </originInfo> <language> <languageTerm authority="iso639-2b" type="code">eng</languageTerm> </language> <physicalDescription> <form authority="gmd">sound recording</form> <form authority="marccategory">sound recording</form> <form authority="marcsmd">sound disc</form> <extent>1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in.</extent> </physicalDescription> <tableOfContents>Lost highway -- Fiddling Lefty Twisty -- Storms never last -- Hillbilly trot -- A wound time can't -- Maggie May -- Midnite mist special -- Mullen foxtrot -- Lil' log cabin -- Uncle Albert's favourite -- St. Laurent breakdown -- Your cheating heart -- Bon apart retreat -- If teardrops were pennies -- Buckaroo -- Westphalia Waltz </tableOfContents> <targetAudience authority="marctarget">adult</targetAudience> <note type="statement of responsibility" altRepGroup="00">Midnite Mist.</note> <note>Compact disc.</note> <note>Contains 16 selections.</note> <note type="performers">Performed by: Jerry Copapay, fiddle ; Frank J. Cote, bass ; Kevin Strongquill, acoustic, lead ; Vic Mullen, fiddle, lead, mandolin, banjo.<note> <subject authority="lcsh"> <topic>Fiddle tunes</topic> <geographic>Manitoba</geographic> </subject> <subject authority="lcsh"> <topic>Folk dance music</topic> <geographic>Manitoba</geographic> </subject> <subject authority="lcsh"> <topic>Cree Indians</topic> <geographic>Manitoba</geographic> <genre>Music</genre> </subject> <classification authority="lcc">M1356.M525 T75 2011</classification> <relatedItem type="series"> <titleInfo> <title>Saskatchewan Music Collection TIM 30146 .b31910294 625225301468 aacr CNEDM 110720 20121113103826.0 ocn809190505 Converted from MARCXML to MODS version 3.4 using MARC21slim2MODS3-4.xsl (Revision 1.94 2014/02/21) eng