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chka (The gypsy girl).mp3
shnevomu sadochku (In the cherry orchard).mp3
(The shepherd).mp3
eny (My ash trees).mp3
kyi popuri (Ukrainian potpourri).mp3
u sadu (In my orchard).mp3
ene pidmanula (You lead me astray).mp3
v ia do tebe (I never wrote to you).mp3
meni maty (My mother told me).mp3
1-Overture La Couronne d'or.mp3
2-Ich Liebe Dich.mp3
3-Walther's Prize Song.mp3
4-Solvejg's Song.mp3
5-Hungarian Dance no 5.mp3
6-Love's Dream after the ball.mp3
7-How do I love Thee.mp3
8-The Two Grenadiers.mp3
9-Il Bacio.mp3