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ana boat song.mp3
01-New life in Christ.mp3
02-Child of God.mp3
03-Let us with a gladsome mind.mp3
04-O happy day.mp3
05-Bless this house .mp3
06-Deliver me.mp3
07-Lord make us worthy.mp3
08-Prayer of thanksgiving.mp3
09-The gift of love.mp3
10-There is sunshine.mp3
11-Praise to the Lord.mp3
12-The world was made flesh.mp3
13-The virgin Mary had a baby boy.mp3
14-Down to earth as a dove.mp3
15-Children of Jerusalem.mp3
16-O clap your hands.mp3
17-Now rest beneath night's shadows.mp3
01-Someday soon.mp3
02-That's all that matters.mp3
03-My girl Josephine.mp3
04-Hang on sloopy.mp3
05-Les bicyclettes de Belsize.mp3
06-Seventh saint.mp3
07-Sad and blue.mp3
08-Halfway to paradise.mp3
09-Walkin' the dog.mp3
10-What a wonderful world.mp3
11-Dream baby.mp3
12-You just can't quit.mp3
01-Whole lotta shakin'.mp3
02-Rock around the clock.mp3
04-Act naturally.mp3
05-That's when you heartaches begin.mp3
06-Guitar boogie shuffle.mp3
07-Six days on the road.mp3
08-Day dreams.mp3
11-There's still something.mp3
12-Proud Mary.mp3
wake, the night is dying.mp3
, son of Mary.mp3
 gladness men of old.mp3
o throughout these forty days.mp3
d head surrounded.mp3
hrist is risen today.mp3
s the number of the stars.mp3
d is my true shepherd.mp3
rist, our royal priest and king.mp3
 almighty Father.mp3
ou gavest for the taking.mp3
 Lord , about Thine altar.mp3
 saviour king is here.mp3
 my soul, the king of heaven.mp3
 day, the first of days.mp3
f Christ, we sing thy praises.mp3
y fortress is our God.mp3
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back cover.jpg
side 1.jpg
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01-Happy time polka.mp3
02-I can't stop loving you.mp3
03-My bonnie lies.mp3
04-Saturday night waltz.mp3
05-White silver sands.mp3
07-Beer barrel polka.mp3
09-Muskrat ramble.mp3
10-Shanty polka.mp3
11-Over the three mountains.mp3
12-Quando, quando, quando.mp3