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01-I Still Miss Someone.mp3
02-Twilight Time.mp3
03-Pardon Me.mp3
05-In the Jailhouse Now.mp3
06-On the Wings of a Dove.mp3
07-Dustly Old Farmer.mp3
08-Light in the Window.mp3
09-Coat of Many Colors.mp3
10-After You've Gone.mp3
11-This Little Prairie Town.mp3
12-That's What Little Kids Do.mp3
13-Night Rider's Lament.mp3
01-Turkey in the straw.mp3
02-Lady be good.mp3
03-Jiffy jam.mp3
04-Reel medley.mp3
05-Jocelyn's waltz.mp3
06-Red wing.mp3
07-Jerry's waltz.mp3
08-Frettin Fingers_Foggy mountain breakdown.mp3
09-Back home in Indiana.mp3
10-Clarinet polka.mp3
01-Gold Rush_Red Haired Boy Medley.mp3
02-Birdie Polluter.mp3
03-Blackberry Blossom_Temperance Reel.mp3
04-A Vaquero's Dream.mp3
05-Jerusalem Ridge_Big Bear.mp3
06-Diabinho Maluco.mp3
08-Charlie's Boogie.mp3
09-Yakety Axe Medley.mp3
10-Smiley's Reels.mp3
11-Marie Elena.mp3
12-Ragtime Annie.mp3
13-Amazing Grace,How Great Thou Art.mp3
01-Taking Time.mp3
02-Chet Medley - Freight Train, I'll See You In My Dreams, Guitar Boogie.mp3
04-Sad Little Girl.mp3
05-Black Berry Blosson.mp3
06-Bluegrass Medley - Beaumont Rag, Cottonpatch Rag, 'Round the Horn-Stealin Corn'.mp3
07-After You've Gone.mp3
08-Reguerdos De La Alhambra.mp3
09-Black Mountain Rag.mp3
10-All Of Me.mp3
11-Instant Atmosphere.mp3