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01-Aukland Express.mp3
02-And Another Thing.mp3
03-Sufferin' Sucotash.mp3
04-Mesquite Morning.mp3
05-Clickity Clack.mp3
06-Night Crossing.mp3
07-Shut off the Car.mp3
08-Face Down in the Rhubarb.mp3
09-Tricky Trout Tickler.mp3
11-Megan and the Wascana Cyclone.mp3
12-Shut Off the Car - solo guitar.mp3
13-Auckland Express - solo guitar.mp3
14-Face Down in the Rhubarb - solo guitar.mp3
15-Clickity Clack - solo guitar.mp3
16-And Another Thing - solo guitar.mp3
17-Night Crossing - solo guitar.mp3
18-Slippery - solo guitar.mp3
19-Sufferin' Sucotash - solo guitar.mp3