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01-By fur and feathers.mp3
02-The boo boo song.mp3
03-Bossy old Dad.mp3
04-Mother's love.mp3
06-Daddy do.mp3
07-Daddy's not my friend.mp3
08-Poopy the Buffalo.mp3
10-Oma Nikamounis.mp3
11-Little Hiawatha.mp3
01-Good that you came.mp3
03-Angel eyes.mp3
05-Your cheating heart.mp3
07-Hold me closer.mp3
08-Wave on wave.mp3
09-You made me feel so good.mp3
11-You have my heart.mp3
12-Missing you.mp3
01-You know darn well.mp3
02-Round dancing around the world.mp3
03-I'm so happy to see you.mp3
04-The slide.mp3
05-You won't regret it when you come to visit.mp3
06-Can I take you home.mp3
07-Boogie van.mp3
08-Oh Canada.mp3
09-Who's the girl.mp3
10-Wonder if I will ever see her again.mp3
11-New one.mp3
12-I've been everywhere.mp3
13-What about when I asked you.mp3
14-Oh my darling I really love you.mp3
15-When I'm on the road.mp3
16-Oldie goldie.mp3
17-When the flowers bloom.mp3
18-You're the one.mp3
01-Set one.mp3
02-Set two.mp3
03-Set three.mp3
04-Set four.mp3
05-Set 5.mp3
06-Set 6.mp3
07-Set 7.mp3
01-Running away from you.mp3
02-Save the last dance for me.mp3
03-Neon moon.mp3
04-A woman like you.mp3
05-Heaven again.mp3
06-Time lock - I've got a new heartache.mp3
07-You're still gone.mp3
08-Sylvia's mother.mp3
09-Honky tonk walking.mp3
01-Straight song 1.mp3
01-We pray to you Father, have mercy ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Our Father answer our prayers.mp3
02-Cree song 1.mp3
02-Our land Canada ; Jesus pity us ; Our Father we are grateful ; Asking the spirits for prayer.mp3
03-Jesus Savoir ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Our heavenly Father.mp3
03-Sioux song.mp3
04-Diné song 1.mp3
04-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
05-Straight ceremonial song ; This moring heavenly Father we thank you ; Straight song ; Navajo ceremonial song.mp3
05-Straight song inspired by Judy Pahsaknunk.mp3
06-Cree song 2.mp3
06-Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song.mp3
07-Straight song 2.mp3
07-Straight song ; Heavenly Father God we thank you ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
08-Straight song 3.mp3
08-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
09-Straight song 4.mp3
09-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; It`s early morning.mp3
10-Birthday song ; Straight song ; Navajo song ; Navaho song.mp3
10-Cree song 3.mp3
11-Cree morning song.mp3
12-Straight song 5.mp3
13-Cree healing song.mp3
14-Diné song 2.mp3
15-Straight song 6.mp3
16-Cree song 4.mp3
17-Cree healng song.mp3
18-Cree song 5.mp3
19-Straight song 7.mp3
20-Straight song 8.mp3
21-Birthday song for my sonny boys.mp3
22-Song for my children.mp3
23-Cree song 6.mp3
24-Straight song 9.mp3
01-Glory glory.mp3
02-One day at a time.mp3
03-Your heart (Dene version).mp3
04-My little guy.mp3
05-I had a dream.mp3
06-I saw the light.mp3
07-Prodigal son.mp3
08-Like a river.mp3
09-Why me Lord.mp3
10-Thank you dear Lord.mp3
11-Loving until the early hours.mp3
01-Round round round.mp3
02-Calling you.mp3
03-Dream dancer.mp3
04-Earth mother.mp3
05-I am.mp3
06-Joseph's song.mp3
07-Beat goes on.mp3
08-Flute interlude.mp3
09-Blame it on the moon.mp3
11-Going back.mp3
12-By the water.mp3
01-Canada, my home.mp3
02-Bucksaw jig.mp3
03-La Ronge.mp3
06-See the arrow.mp3
07-Old woman.mp3
08-Kayas Nehiuaw.mp3
09-The beaver.mp3
10-Pretty girl.mp3
11-Song of the arctic.mp3
12-Daddy do.mp3
01-Ride, Gabriel, ride.mp3
02-I love my Saskatchewan.mp3
03-The buffalo hunt.mp3
04-Chanson de la Grenouillere.mp3
05-They hung him.mp3
06-My son.mp3
07-Come back, Maria.mp3
08-Chanson de Louis Riel.mp3
09-Take heart.mp3
10-Saskatchewan, my home.mp3
01-Warriors prayer.mp3
02-The Sticks.mp3
03-Moving waters.mp3
04-Be alright.mp3
05-These days.mp3
06-Lil Precious.mp3
07-No dream.mp3
08-Pow-wow Mom.mp3
10-Been so long.mp3
12-Coming home.mp3
01-Love medicine.mp3
02-Yes I mean it Im sorry.mp3
03-Love at first sight.mp3
04-Straight 1.mp3
07-Straight 2.mp3
08-As the moon shines.mp3
09-Pretty girls in the world.mp3
10-I can look but I cant touch.mp3
11-Straight 3.mp3
12-My baby boo.mp3
13-Crazy for you.mp3
01-Straight Song.mp3
02-It's Morning Mother Earth Looks Beautiful_Straight Song.mp3
03-Straight Song.mp3
04-Straight Song.mp3
05-Straight Song.mp3
06-Straight Song.mp3
07-Straight Song.mp3
08-Straight Song.mp3
09-Straight Song _ It's early morning.mp3
10-Straight Song.mp3
11-Straight Song.mp3
12-Straight Song.mp3