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03-Tapwi Niki Matchayiwin.mp3
04-Manito Kikawiwiciwik.mp3
06-Kitchitwa Marie.mp3
07-Kipi Ocikwanapistatin.mp3
08-Jesus Kanatamak.mp3
09-Ekoti Patima.mp3
10-Ispitchi Sakihtat.mp3
11-Mamitcimihk Jesus.mp3
12-Jesus Sakihiyan.mp3
13-Kawitha Mawikasin.mp3
14-Penahtihk Opimaciwiw.mp3
01-Jesus got a hold of my life.mp3
02-Just any day now.mp3
03-Send the light.mp3
05-Jesus remembered me.mp3
07-God of the mountain.mp3
08-Child of a king.mp3
09-Somebody touched me.mp3
10-The winning side.mp3
11-Jesus knows you're hurt.mp3
12-Jesus died for me long ago.mp3
01-Here today, gone tomorrow.mp3
02-No other fountain.mp3
03-He took your place.mp3
04-It takes Jesus.mp3
05-Blessings on me.mp3
06-Peace is flowing.mp3
07-Lord I hope this is a God day.mp3
08-City of gold.mp3
09-The Lord's prayer.mp3
10-God came to earth.mp3
11-On my way to heaven.mp3
12-I don't need to understand.mp3