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04-Silver swan.mp3
05-I'm bound for the promised land.mp3
06-Sabbath prayer.mp3
07-When the saints go marching in.mp3
08-God's land.mp3
09-Long and winding road.mp3
11-Communion song.mp3
12-Song of benediction.mp3
01-Thank god I'm free.mp3
02-I should have been crucified.mp3
03-Yes he did (traditional spiritual).mp3
04-Nailing my sins to his cross.mp3
05-That wonderful day.mp3
06-One more time.mp3
07-Lord, I need you.mp3
08-I just came to talk with you lord.mp3
09-One day at a time.mp3
10-That moment he was there.mp3
11-I believe what the bible says.mp3
12-Tears are a language.mp3