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01-Away From The Roll Of The Sea.mp3
02-How To Handle A Woman.mp3
03-Annie Laurie.mp3
04-Danny Boy.mp3
05-Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.mp3
06-Ev'ry Time I Feel de Spirit.mp3
07-Wood River.mp3
08-Homeward Bound.mp3
09-Plaisir d'amour.mp3
10-O Del Mio Amato Ben.mp3
11-Song For The Mira.mp3
12-Green Eyed Dragon.mp3
13-Fare Thee Well.mp3
01-A gypsy's life.mp3
02-The May night.mp3
03-In remembrance.mp3
04-Soon ah will be done.mp3
05-That lonesome road.mp3
06-I'se the b'y.mp3
07-Courtly airs and dances.mp3
08-Cajun folk songs.mp3
09-Symphony #1.mp3
10-On a hymnsong of Lowell Mason.mp3