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1 - The Northern trappers rendezvous.mp3
2 - Old Grandpa Higgins.mp3
3 - Red Deere River waltz.mp3
4 - Half asleep in my saddle.mp3
5 - The old trappers waltz.mp3
6 - The Davey Winton.mp3
7 - When the iceworms nest again.mp3
8 - Trout Festival waltz.mp3
9 - Northern jamboree.mp3
01-By fur and feathers.mp3
02-The boo boo song.mp3
03-Bossy old Dad.mp3
04-Mother's love.mp3
06-Daddy do.mp3
07-Daddy's not my friend.mp3
08-Poopy the Buffalo.mp3
10-Oma Nikamounis.mp3
11-Little Hiawatha.mp3
01-Canada, my home.mp3
02-Bucksaw jig.mp3
03-La Ronge.mp3
06-See the arrow.mp3
07-Old woman.mp3
08-Kayas Nehiuaw.mp3
09-The beaver.mp3
10-Pretty girl.mp3
11-Song of the arctic.mp3
12-Daddy do.mp3