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01-The witness.mp3
03-Nothin' ever happens.mp3
04-When you find the truth.mp3
05-Mary's song (Whatever He says).mp3
06-Born again.mp3
07-Life giver_You are the Christ.mp3
08-My boys.mp3
09-Make me like You.mp3
10-Hosanna (Triumphal entry).mp3
11-In love for me (Communion song).mp3
12-Silver and gold.mp3
13-Crucifixation dirge.mp3
14-He came in love.mp3
15-They took Him down.mp3
16-The victor.mp3
17-I love you, Lord.mp3
18-Lambs alone.mp3
19-The room upstairs_Get ready.mp3
20-Reprise_ Life giver_Born again_You are the Christ.mp3