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01-Communion song.mp3
02-Didn't He shine.mp3
03-Say I do.mp3
04-Give me Jesus.mp3
05-There's always a reason.mp3
06-Come and dine.mp3
07-Take me back.mp3
08-Let him into your heart.mp3
09-Spread little love around.mp3
10-O sacred head, now wounded.mp3
11-We are one in the bond of love.mp3
12-Little children, rejoice.mp3
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back cover.jpg
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01-Prepare ye the way of the Lord ; Get all excited.mp3
02-The eastern gate.mp3
03-Day by day.mp3
04-What the world needs.mp3
05-There go I.mp3
06-What will your answer be.mp3
07-Gettin' ready today.mp3
08-Jesus got a hold of my life.mp3
09-Shepherd of love.mp3
10-He's a personal savior.mp3
11-Come thou holy paraclete.mp3
12-Hymn medley.mp3
13-Hallowed by thy name.mp3