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01-He wrote my name.mp3
02-Somebody prayed for me.mp3
03-I need a song today.mp3
04-Jesus is right for whatever's wrong in your lif.mp3
05-Old country church.mp3
06-Shine on.mp3
07-He's the one.mp3
08-Give them the roses now.mp3
09-It's over now.mp3
10-Five rows back.mp3
11-Oh, what a happy day!.mp3
12-It is well with my soul.mp3
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back cover.jpg
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01-Bigger than any mountain.mp3
02-There'll be no peace till Jesus comes.mp3
03-This is just what heaven means to me.mp3
04-Till the storm passes by.mp3
05-I've got more to go to heaven for.mp3
06-Carry on church.mp3
07-When I looked up and he looked down.mp3
08-He can be depended on.mp3
09-We have this moment.mp3
10-He's still working on me.mp3
11-Someday when Jesus comes.mp3
13-One of these days.mp3