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01-It was my Lord.mp3
02-Rock of Ages.mp3
03-When you kneel down.mp3
04-Lord help me stand.mp3
05-Man of Galilee.mp3
06-The judgement fell.mp3
07-They that wait upon the Lord.mp3
08-New Jerusalem.mp3
09-Eternal life.mp3
10-Yes he lived here.mp3
11-Everybody up there.mp3
12-Child of a king.mp3
01-Rock of ages.mp3
02-Jesus paid it all.mp3
03-Dare to stand like Joshua.mp3
04-Swing low.mp3
05-Ivory palaces.mp3
06-When shadows flee away.mp3
07-The great judgment morning.mp3
08-I must tell Jesus.mp3
09-Let the lower lights be burning.mp3
10-In his care.mp3
11-Breath of calvary.mp3
12-So send I you.mp3
01-So great salvation.mp3
02-Master designer.mp3
03-For time and for eternity.mp3
04-A new world.mp3
05-Nothing at all _ I'd rather have Jesus.mp3
06-You can experience.mp3
07-Nothing is impossible.mp3
08-Assurance march.mp3
09-Come thou fount.mp3
10-Still sweeter every day.mp3
11-No one understands.mp3
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01-A brand new man.mp3
02-Lily of the valley.mp3
03-One day at a time.mp3
04-God can do it again.mp3
05-Jesus got a hold of my life.mp3
06-Oasis of love.mp3
07-This world is not my home.mp3
08-Eastern gate.mp3
09-He brought me out.mp3
10-The miracle.mp3
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01-I'm on my way to heaven.mp3
02-Living in the presence of Jesus.mp3
03-She laid hold on the word.mp3
04-Shattered dreams.mp3
05-A touch of his love.mp3
06-I cannot be defeated.mp3
07-Covenant man.mp3
08-By his word.mp3
09-King Jesus.mp3
10-Love held my savior (to the tree).mp3
11-He took my sins away.mp3