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1a - Mozart in Miniature -quick.mp3
1b - Mozart in Miniature -slow.mp3
1c - Mozart in Miniature -quick.mp3
2 - String quartet in C Major K 157 - I- Allegro.mp3
3 - String quartet, op 12 -III- Canzonetta - Allegro.mp3
4 - Li Jiang tone poem.mp3
5a - Octoot -III- Minuet et tout à l'heure, trio.mp3
5b - Octoot -IV- Chanson - toute l'année hey hey hey.mp3
5c - Octoot - V - Tout a coup le bout.mp3
6 - Fantasy on French Canadian - Airs.mp3
7 - Concerto #1 in D Major K 412.mp3
8a - Le Cid ballet suite - Aragonaise.mp3
8b - Le Cid ballet suite - Navarraise.mp3
9 - Music for orchestra.mp3
1-Overture La Couronne d'or.mp3
2-Ich Liebe Dich.mp3
3-Walther's Prize Song.mp3
4-Solvejg's Song.mp3
5-Hungarian Dance no 5.mp3
6-Love's Dream after the ball.mp3
7-How do I love Thee.mp3
8-The Two Grenadiers.mp3
9-Il Bacio.mp3
10 - Little David Play On Your Harp.mp3
11 - Andalucia.mp3
1 - Excerpts From The Messiah.mp3
2 - Excerpts From The Messiah.mp3
3 - Excerpts From The Messiah.mp3
4 - Feller From Fortune.mp3
5 - J'entends le Moulin.mp3
6 - Ain-a That Good News.mp3
7 - Handel Suite.mp3
8 - Which Is The Properest Day To Sing.mp3
9 - Russian Sailor's Dance.mp3
11-Diamond March.mp3
12-Mighty Like a Rose.mp3
13-Crazy Clock.mp3
14-Morning Bells Overture.mp3
15-The Girl From Impanema.mp3
1-Gloria (12th Mass).mp3
2-Little Lamb.mp3
3-Come To The Fair.mp3
4-Farmer's Boy.mp3
6-Westering Home.mp3
7-Tzena Tzena.mp3
8-Brother James' Air.mp3
9-Hey Jude.mp3
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