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01-Saskatchewan centennial reel.mp3
02-Waltz quadrille.mp3
04-St_ Laurent reel.mp3
05-Victor's 17th.mp3
06-Jumpin' Jim's jig.mp3
07-Guy tetreault reel.mp3
08-Aurora waltz.mp3
09-Western first change.mp3
10-Durang's hornpipe (Dumas Arcand version).mp3
11-Lord McDonald reel.mp3
12-Moses' first change.mp3
14-Fox family reel.mp3
15-Red River jig.mp3
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01-Les Michif.mp3
02-Harry Daniels.mp3
03-Gerald White's' Memorial Duck Dance.mp3
04-Archive Waltz in F.mp3
05-Drops of Brandy.mp3
06-Unknown Jig in D.mp3
07-Gerry Dore reel.mp3
08-Rene Gaudreault's Reel.mp3
09-Bobbe and Patti.mp3
10-Archive Reel in D.mp3
11-Gilbert's Duck dance.mp3
12-Waltz in B Flat.mp3
13-Unknown Reel in C.mp3
14-Blaine's Breakdown.mp3
15-Archie Arcand's Drops of Brandy.mp3
16-Old Reel of 4 in D.mp3
17-Red River Jig.mp3
Louis Riel
Andy's Old Time Waltz
Courting Days Two Step
Prairie Schottishe
Apple Cider Polka
Burgundy Waltz
Beaver Lake Jig
Basket Social Two Step
Scan Waltz
Hi Way Polka
Lucky Trapper
Andys Schottishe
Countess of Dufferin Polka
Red River Blues
Raffled Wagon Polka
White Rose Waltz
Red River Jig