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01-Les Michif.mp3
02-Harry Daniels.mp3
03-Gerald White's' Memorial Duck Dance.mp3
04-Archive Waltz in F.mp3
05-Drops of Brandy.mp3
06-Unknown Jig in D.mp3
07-Gerry Dore reel.mp3
08-Rene Gaudreault's Reel.mp3
09-Bobbe and Patti.mp3
10-Archive Reel in D.mp3
11-Gilbert's Duck dance.mp3
12-Waltz in B Flat.mp3
13-Unknown Reel in C.mp3
14-Blaine's Breakdown.mp3
15-Archie Arcand's Drops of Brandy.mp3
16-Old Reel of 4 in D.mp3
17-Red River Jig.mp3