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01-Straight song 1.mp3
01-We pray to you Father, have mercy ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Our Father answer our prayers.mp3
02-Cree song 1.mp3
02-Our land Canada ; Jesus pity us ; Our Father we are grateful ; Asking the spirits for prayer.mp3
03-Jesus Savoir ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Our heavenly Father.mp3
03-Sioux song.mp3
04-Diné song 1.mp3
04-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
05-Straight ceremonial song ; This moring heavenly Father we thank you ; Straight song ; Navajo ceremonial song.mp3
05-Straight song inspired by Judy Pahsaknunk.mp3
06-Cree song 2.mp3
06-Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song ; Straight ceremonial song.mp3
07-Straight song 2.mp3
07-Straight song ; Heavenly Father God we thank you ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
08-Straight song 3.mp3
08-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song.mp3
09-Straight song 4.mp3
09-Straight song ; Straight song ; Straight song ; It`s early morning.mp3
10-Birthday song ; Straight song ; Navajo song ; Navaho song.mp3
10-Cree song 3.mp3
11-Cree morning song.mp3
12-Straight song 5.mp3
13-Cree healing song.mp3
14-Diné song 2.mp3
15-Straight song 6.mp3
16-Cree song 4.mp3
17-Cree healng song.mp3
18-Cree song 5.mp3
19-Straight song 7.mp3
20-Straight song 8.mp3
21-Birthday song for my sonny boys.mp3
22-Song for my children.mp3
23-Cree song 6.mp3
24-Straight song 9.mp3
01-I got smile.mp3
02-In the old days.mp3
03-I can't complain.mp3
04-Hard 2 cope.mp3
06-Open your mind.mp3
07-The decent.mp3
08-My mistakes.mp3
09-Beautiful bird.mp3
11-Hard 2 cope (inst).mp3
01-Glory glory.mp3
02-One day at a time.mp3
03-Your heart (Dene version).mp3
04-My little guy.mp3
05-I had a dream.mp3
06-I saw the light.mp3
07-Prodigal son.mp3
08-Like a river.mp3
09-Why me Lord.mp3
10-Thank you dear Lord.mp3
11-Loving until the early hours.mp3
01-Big River Cree song.mp3
02-Dad's straight.mp3
04-It was meant to be.mp3
06-Love side.mp3
07-One kiss goodbye.mp3
08-My love.mp3
10-She's my lady.mp3
11-Cougar bait.mp3
12-Many miles.mp3
01-Ride out the storm.mp3
02-Cast a stone.mp3
03-Child of God.mp3
04-Paul's ministry.mp3
05-I feel the spirit moving.mp3
07-The way, the truth and the life.mp3
08-When He was on the cross.mp3
09-How can you refuse Him now.mp3
10-It takes Jesus to make a home.mp3
11-I'll let you come in.mp3
12-Take my hand precious Lord.mp3
13-Go rest high on the mountain.mp3
14-I'm safely in the arms of Jesus.mp3
15-Shattered dreams.mp3
16-Sometime, we'll understand.mp3
17-I need your helping hand.mp3
18-Song to our Lady Guadalupe.mp3
01-God on the mountain.mp3
02-He took your place.mp3
03-De colores.mp3
04-What heaven means to me.mp3
05-I dreamt about Jesus last night.mp3
06-Keep the circle strong.mp3
07-Lift up holy hands.mp3
08-Sinner's dream.mp3
09-Matthew 24.mp3
10-Promise to God.mp3
11-Wait a little longer.mp3
12-I want to go home.mp3
13-It takes a wise man to pray.mp3
02-Charlie's picture.mp3
03-I exalt Thee.mp3
04-Father, forgive them.mp3
05-A heart that will never break again.mp3
06-I believe that Jesus died for me.mp3
07-I stand alone at God's door.mp3
08-I'm free.mp3
09-Jesus got a hold of life.mp3
10-Pour out you spirit.mp3
11-Holy rain, coming down.mp3
12-Thank you Lord, for Your blessings on me.mp3
er heels.mp3
r a good time.mp3
 love you.mp3
 your eyes.mp3
 out my backdoor.mp3
nd of wonderful.mp3
in the sky.mp3
ike you.mp3