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01-Jazzy old St_ Nick (Warman Elementary School).mp3
02-Angels sing hosanna (Dundurn School Band).mp3
03-A thousand candles (Hanley School Choir).mp3
04-My Christmas tree (Vanscoy School Glee Club).mp3
05-Come on ring those bells (St_ Frances School Choir).mp3
06-Sleep, little baby, sleep (École College Park School Senior Choir).mp3
07-No school tomorrow (if it snows) (John Lake School Senior Choir).mp3
08-School Senior Choir).mp3
09-African Noel (Holliston School choir).mp3
10-It's the most wonderful time of the year (St_ Volodymyr Senior Choir).mp3
11-Can Santa make it through tonight_ (Hague Elementary School).mp3
12-One child (Valley Manor School).mp3
13-Mary had a baby (St_ Volodymyr Junior Choir).mp3
14-Shine a light for peace (Borden School).mp3
15-Rockin' around the Christmas tree (Langham Elementary School Christmas Kids).mp3
16-Blue (St_ John School).mp3
17-Winter magic (Sutherland and Queen Elizabeth School Choirs).mp3
18-Alleluja! Christ is born (Buena Vista Senior Choir).mp3
19-Do you hear what I hear_ (Prairie View School Choir).mp3
20-Come as a child (Clavet Junior Singers).mp3
21-Reindeer rock (École Lakeview School Junior Choir).mp3
22-It all happened in the country (Hepburn School).mp3
23-Away in a manger (Roland Michener Senior Ukulele Club).mp3
24-God bless the child (St_ Anne School Choir).mp3
01-St. Augustine School Song_Medley of Songs.mp3
02-Lord of the Dance_Violets in the snow.mp3
03-Let me be there.mp3
04-Happiness is_Fiddler on the roof.mp3
05-Shortnin' bread_Puff the magic dragon.mp3
06-Hello everybody_I've got that happy feeling_Grandpa's whiskers_Somebody touched me.mp3
07-Never on Sunday_Wonderful Copenhagen_Hol-Di-Ri-Di-A.mp3
08-Song of joy_Shadows fall.mp3
09-It's a small world_Don Gato.mp3
10-Battle Hymn of the republic.mp3