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50 Popular Cowboy Songs of Ranch & Range
Canadians, arise!
Celebrate Saskatchewan song book
Ask in my name
Battleford Co-Op 60th Anniversary Commemorative Song Book
Breathe that Saskatch'wan air
Give rest, O Christ
Garden world
Eight songs of Saskatchewan
Consider the lily
Saskatchewan good-bye
So that we at home may live
Saskatchewan, I'm coming home
We've got a party in Berlin
Prairie suite no.2
The Valley of Qu'Appelle
Where the meadow-lark sings
The Saskatchewan two step
I'm just a prairie girl
It's autumn in the valley
Prairie suite
Song of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan waltz
By the Saskatchewan
Let the boys from Flanders thank you
We're proud of Canada
Seven Métis songs of Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan : the fiftieth year
Let me
Sing glory!
Songs of Weeny Gopher
Student song book for the School Music Broadcast Series Saskatchewan sings
Take me to Saskatchewan
Trick march